Wednesday, November 20, 2019

More Chiropractic Care Means Less Opioid Use

Opioid medications act on our bodies opioid receptors to produce a pain-relieving effect. While there are times when opioid medications are necessary, a crisis has emerged in our country for opioid abuse.  Most physicians try to only prescribe opioid medications for moderate to severe pain, however it is estimated that over 191 million prescriptions are written per year, meaning that approximately 58.7 per 100 people are receiving opioid mediation!  When our bodies are in pain, it is common to seek the most effective and immediate relief to be able to keep functioning for our daily lives.  While opioid medications can provide immediate relief, drugs all come with side effects, as well as a highly addictive tendency associated with these types of medications.  With such enormous risks that are associated with these drugs, are there other alternative healthcare options?
A 2019 case study followed patients with chronic neck and back pain to determine if their prescription needs for opioid medications could decrease with chiropractic care.  The results? An astounding reduction of 85% reduction in pharmaceutical costs for these patients!  Those seeking chiropractic care first before medications had a 64% chance of not needing opioid prescription at all!  Gentle, specific chiropractic adjustments gets to the root cause of the pain instead of masking its symptoms.  Chiropractic care is safe, effective, with no side effects or addictive outcomes.  Looking for answers for your chronic pain?  We can help!

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