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Mountain Island Chiropractic and your CENTRAL Nervous System! What's a CENTRAL nervous system?

 “The term homeostasis is used in physiology to mean maintenance of constant conditions in the internal environment” states the Textbook of Medical Physiology by Guyton and Hall. In Lehman’s terms homeostasis is internal balance. When the body is balanced internally, the body is healthy. Health is that simple! However, achieving that balance in today’s age with the demineralization of our foods, decreased exercise and increased stress takes discipline and hard work.

The major system controlling homeostasis(balance) is the autonomic nervous system (ANS) a division of the CNS. The ANS is comprised of 2 parts; the sympathetics and the parasympathetics. The sympathetics control the fight or flight response. When the sympathetics are stimulated, heart rate increases, adrenal gland secretion increases, bronchi in the lungs dilate, peristalsis decreases and much more. When the parasympathetics are stimulated, heart rate lowers, thyroid gland secretion increases, bronchi in the lungs contract, peristalsis increases and much more. When people eat lots of sugar, drink lots of caffeine and get stressed out they are constantly stimulating their sympathetics which causes the parasympathetics to shut down. If one stays in a state of sympathetic dominance long enough, the sympathetics will shut down and the parasympathetics will take over. The key to health is balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

Many common conditions today such as high blood pressure, anxiety, insomnia, erectile dysfunction and attention deficit disorder are all effects of a body that is in a state of sympathetic dominance. Other conditions such as depression, and chronic fatigue are an effect of a body that is in a state of parasympathetic dominance.

Once the imbalance is created how do you balance the sympathetics and parasympathetics? Chiropractic?

Exercise and supplementing one’s diet with Wuji Chlorella and other herbs and whole foods that will support the thyroid and adrenals are great. However, the single most effect method for balancing the sympathetics and parasympathetics is chiropractic care. A chiropractic adjustment can instantly calm the sympathetics and stimulate the parasympathetics. The sympathetics are located in your Thoracic and Lumbar spine. The parasympathetics are located in your Upper cervical and Sacral spine. An adjustment to the Atlas vertebra has been proven to lower blood pressure. This is possible because you stimulate the parasympathetics when you adjust this region and the parasympathetics will lower heart rate and that will lower blood pressure.

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