Thursday, November 9, 2017

The Peaks and Valleys of Healing

Time and Repetition.  We all don't want to wait to heal. All good things in life take time and repetition, and so in our office we often say, "Healing comes in peaks and valleys." Often times chiropractic patients report that they are experiencing signs and symptoms that are unexpected.  Especially during the beginning of their care plans, patients may have the return of old symptoms, or even new symptoms never experienced before.  This is commonly known as a time of changes that occurs right before a "healing breakthrough."
As the function of the spine and nervous system begins to improve, there will be changes to the musculoskeletal systems.  This triggers a sort of wake-up call to nerves that have been dormant for a long period of time, sometimes even several years.  What we must remember is that the body is going through a natural healing process, and that no matter how low the valley is there will be a peak that follows.  Your body is improving and healing daily, and hold on to the fact that the peak is on the way!  We expect you to have peaks and valleys on the road to optimal health.

Your in health,
Dr. Nicholas J. Knutson



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