Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Pain After Back Surgery? Study Shows Chiropractic Can Help

Back pain is the number one cause of disability in the United States.  Living with chronic pain causes us to lose joy and miss out on important activities in our daily lives.  Patients are often told how to "deal or manage the pain" by taking prescription medications or eventually turned to surgery to try and fix their pain.  According to the University of Oregon 2017 study, there was an estimated 1,150,000 back surgeries performed in 2015. And of those surgeries, between 8%-20% had a second surgery within ONE year!  The reason why back surgery often fails and the patient is still experiencing pain? It's simple, the cause of the pain was never discovered.  They simply went to the spot of the pain and tried to mask the symptoms.
A 2019 case study followed a 62-year old woman who suffered from chronic low back pain after two different back surgeries.  She originally had surgery at 42 years old and again at 49 years old due to persistent pain post-surgery.  She had been placed on 13 different medications to try to ease the pain over the course of those 20 years.   After a chiropractic examination, she was diagnosed with scoliosis, dysautonomia (her autonomic nervous system was not functioning properly), and multiple vertebral subluxations (interferences of the nervous system in the spine).  She underwent an initial 3 months of chiropractic corrective care, in which her low back pain decreased significantly and her scoliosis improved with a change in her scoliotic curve shown on post thermal scans and xrays.  She was able to come off of her pain medications and reported a significant increase in her overall quality of life!  She reported that for two decades she was unable to go through a single day without unmanageable pain at some point during her day, and after chiropractic care no longer went one day where the pain was not tolerable!
Chiropractic adjustments offer specific, gentle relief for patients looking to avoid medications and surgery and to keep their bodies operating at full potential!  Have more questions on how chiropractic specifically treat back pain?  We are here to help!

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Lapham-Yaun, R., D.C., & Castro, K., D.C. (2019). Improved Spinal Alignment, Chronic Low Back Pain and Improved Quality of Life in a 62-year-old Patient Undergoing chiropractic Care Following Failed Surgical Syndrome: A Case Study & Review of the Literature. A. Vertebral Subluxation Res., 10-21.

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