Friday, July 28, 2017

Management of Concussions with Chiropractic

Concussions obtained in sports is a hot topic right now.  There are several benefits to competing in sports, but there must be caution and awareness given to the risks associated with impact sports.  Image result for cam newton helmet to helmet hit
Over 3.8 million concussions occur every year in the country, and unfortunately the majority of these happen in high school athletics.  Concussion primarily affects the sensorimotor system in the brain.  A 2007 study published in Clinical Neurophysiology showed improvements in concussed individuals following chiropractic treatments.  Adjustments were given to the cervical spine, or neck area, and several areas showed improvement.  The overall recovery time for patients under chiropractic care following a concussion were significantly higher than those not under chiropractic care.  Sensory integration improved, which involves an athletes ability to touch and balance.  Also, proprioception improved significantly (meaning the body's awareness of its position in space.)  This is vital for athletes because poor proprioception leads to an increased risk of permanent, career-ending injuries.  For example, there is a 4x greater risk of an ACL tear following concussion because of poor proprioception.
Getting checked regularly for nerve interference increases the body's sensorimotor integration!

Haavik-Taylor, H., & Murphy, B. (2007). Cervical Spine Adjustment Alters Sensorimotor Integration-A Somotosensory Evoked Potential Study. Clinical Neurophysiology.

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