Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Can Chiropractic Save You Money?$?$?$?$

Our current healthcare system can change by the day.  With the amount of people in the country with a chronic illness, and the rising costs of healthcare to manage those chronic conditions, many people are finding it unaffordable to manage their health.  Traditionally, medical management of pain and chronic conditions require a lot of time, money, repeated prescription drugs, referrals to several doctors and specialists, diagnostic testing, diagnostic imaging, and that doesn't include the insane costs of a hospital stay.  In 1995, it was shown that 75% of people aged over 55 years had at least one chronic condition to manage.

According to a researcher at the University of Ottawa, Dr. Pran Manga, chiropractic care has benefits to your bank account.  He suggested that the "poor or worrisome health outcomes of medically managed diseases, illnesses, or injuries" have not yielded the optimal results that one often finds with chiropractic care, and the cost of mismanagement of these issues are over double than when seeking chiropractic.

Over DOUBLE! The majority opinion would say the cost of medical vs chiropractic care of an issue of back pain would be more than double, if not quadrupled!! Imagine, coming to one office for your treatment, instead of the above mentioned route of doctor, x-rays, lab, pharmacy, physical therapy, etc. Plus, when you consider the preventative benefits of chiropractic adjustments, when you seek to treat the cause of the problem, not treat the symptoms after the problem has occurred, chiropractic is the safe, gentle, and COST-EFFECTIVE choice!

Manga, P. (2000). Economic case for the integration of chiropractic services into the healthcare system.  Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics, 23(2), 118-122.

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