Monday, July 17, 2017

Chronic Illness in Children

Our bodies have the unique ability to adapt to our environment.  It is widely accepted that the strength of our immune systems depends on environment factors.  This is especially evident in children.  Do you have a friend whose child always seems to be sick?  Have you looked at their environment in which they are being raised such as smoking in the home, emotional stress, sleeping habits, food and beverage choices, exposure to other children, etc and thought no wonder why they are always sick?

A 9 year old patient who was chronically fighting illness such as ear infections, constipation, sinus issues, chronic sore throat, and bloating were just to name a few.  Her mother brought her to a local chiropractic office and multiple subluxations of the spine and neck were discovered.  The child was having neurological signs and symptoms as well.  After only 3 months of routine chiropractic care, the child saw major improvements in her sleeping, constipation issues, and less congestion and sinus infections.  Her overall health was improved and the child missed much less school.

These symptoms were alleviated due to the ability to remove the nerve interference.  This is why chiropractic adjustments can help with allergies, asthma, headaches, bowel issues, restless leg, ADHD, sinus infections, ear infections, and many more especially in the pediatric population.  Children's bodies respond more quickly to chiropractic adjustments due to the fact that they have lived shorter lives in a state of bodily stress, and therefore it takes less time to correct subluxations.

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