Friday, January 5, 2018

How an Adjustment Can Turn Our Genes On 

Have you ever considered your genes as something that can be improved? A large number of people believe that our genes have predetermined how our health will unfold.  As if it is completely out of our control what will happen to us as related to disease.  Research studies are discovering "epigenetic control" in regards to our DNA genes.  What this means is that although our genes are our written code to our bodies, there have been advances in understanding that there are control factors that turn our genes on and off.  Why do some people in your family have diabetes, heart disease, asthma, psoriasis, or celiac disease while others don't? Or why do some people have certain traits that others in your family don't possess?  Those in your family have the same genetic make-up, but some genes are dominant while others are recessive.  However scientists are uncovering how lifestyle factors play their role in turning these genes on and off.  This is epigenetics (in a nutshell). 

Excluding red blood cells, each of the 100 trillion cells in our body contain our entire DNA sequence. A gene is the section of the DNA that holds the makeup of our various molecules that control such things as muscle build, enzymes, neurotransmitters, nerves, hormones, pain receptors, etc.  Even one fingernail holds enough DNA to run the entire human body! Amazing! 

Epigenetics has been the most influenced by our lifestyle choices.  This includes everything from the food we eat, drinks we drink, exercise regime, physical and emotional stress, and mental relaxation.  Which means that our bodies have the ability to control our outcome of disease by finding the right "code" to keep us healthy.  Every chiropractic adjustment allows the nervous system to remain working properly in order to keep our organs, cells and tissues functioning at its highest level.  Which then allows for our genes to be expressed at their healthiest potential!

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