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Chiropractic Effectiveness Against the Flu

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Flu season is officially upon us!  There is a lot of conflicting information out there in regards to influenza.  The most confusing information is surrounding whether or not to get the flu vaccine.  What I tell my patients is to do your research.  Recent statements made by the healthcare community include advertising that the flu shot can prevent half or more of winter deaths in the elderly.  But I caution people to take that a step further and actually research such statements.  Find out where these studies are coming from, and research on the CDC website of efficacy of the flu shot.  Also, research the other preventative measures that all areas of healthcare suggest.  These include hand washing, increasing vitamin D intake, sunlight exposure, exercise, increasing water intake, essential oil usage, and supplements.  
One preventative measure that has been proven in its efficacy is chiropractic adjustments.  Chiropractic care has been proven to improve your immune systems function by 48%!  Also, a study published in 2007 showed that specifically chances of colds and flu during the flu season were decreased by 15% with regular chiropractic adjustments.  "Any person concerned about the upcoming flu season should add chiropractic to their list of things to do to remove interference to their nervous system, enhance their immune function and give their body every extra bit of security it needs."
This is especially true with pediatric patients.  By removing interference in the nervous system, the immune response is boosted.  This along with increased water intake, rest, proper hand washing, sunlight exposure, exercise, and a daily dose of chlorella and or spirulina are proven to keep you functioning at your best!
Want to know more about chlorella and spirulina?  Call our office to find out!  
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