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Are You Living With Post-Surgical Pain?

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Surgical procedures put our bodies under a tremendous amount of stress.  It is becoming more common for patients to have repeat surgery or "exploratory" surgery to try and cover up symptoms that arise after the initial procedure.  Pain is the number one post-surgical symptom that appears and can stay long after the recovery period.  This can be so frustrating for patients who turned to surgery for pain relief in the first place.  It is estimated that over 500,000 Americans undergo  back surgery each year, and some research has numbers projecting that back surgery to relieve pain has only a 30% success rate.  Other project that number to be even lower.  Often times surgeons refer their patients to other surgeons to look for a possible other "cause" of their pain but often times end up creating more symptoms by putting patients on more medications with dangerous side effects, or even worse, having a second unsuccessful surgery.
When we think of pain, our first goal is to resolve the symptoms for relief.  Relieving pain symptoms although fantastic, doesn't necessarily fix what the cause of the pain is.  There are little to no underlying symptoms without a cause.  By correcting the cause, the symptoms will dissipate.  Chiropractic care is a useful and noninvasive way to correct the underlying cause of back pain without drugs or surgery.
A recent study followed a 62-year old man who had chronic neck and back pain, along with numbness and tingling in his arm, and weakness in his arm as well.  He had 2 previous back surgeries over 25 years prior.  The patient had been experiencing these symptoms since 1991!  He constantly missed work as his profession was a mechanic, and finally sought alternative treatment after not being able to stand his symptoms any longer.  His chiropractic examination showed a forward head carriage that was not allowing his nervous system to function properly.  After 52 total visits of chiropractic adjustments, his neurological condition, pain, and neck dysfunction showed significant improvement, and he could return to work symptom-free!  Even after a 2.5 year follow-up to the initial study, his results were maintained with regular chiropractic adjustments.  His quality of life improved and he could live his life pain-free!  Although 52 visits may seem like a lot of visits, when looking at the fact that he had been in pain for over 25 years, that time of healing doesn't seem like much at all!  It is even a shorter time period than his previous surgical recovery periods 25 years prior.
Even after surgery, chiropractic adjustments can provide relief for those suffering with post-surgical complications and frustrations.

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Harrison, D., Oakley, P., & Betz, J (2018). Anterior head translation following cervical fusion-a probable cause of post-surgical pain and impairment: A CBP case report. J. Physical Therapy. Sci., 30 271-276.

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