Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Children and Adults with Asthma Find Relief with Chiropractic Care

Patients suffering with asthma may find everyday activities difficult to cope with at times.  Asthma statistics are steadily increasing, especially in pediatric populations.  Estimations of over 12 million people live with asthma, and of that over 3 million are children.  Often times asthmatic patients learn to adjust their lifestyle around their condition, and chiropractic care can offer relief when you may not realize the effects that an adjustment may provide.  Causes of asthma range from pollutions, food preservatives, mold, genetic make-up, and side effect of medications.  Although difficult to determine an exact cause in each patient, symptoms and asthma attacks have been researched to show complete subsidation in patients under chiropractic care.  
Pediatric asthma patients especially find great relief with chiropractic adjustments.  Specifically, a 12-year old female case study was presented in the Chiropractic Journal of Australia earlier this year.  This child missed school weekly, was not able to participate in activities, and overall had a low quality of life due to the number of asthmatic episodes she was experiencing.  By removing subluxations in the neck and spine, nerve interference was removed to the lungs, throat, upper airway, and brain.  This child was then able to enjoy everyday activities and saw a decrease in asthma attacks after only a few adjustments.  
Asthma patients have reported increased energy, better sleep, less asthma attacks, decreased need for their inhalers, less sick days, and an overall better quality of day to day life while under chiropractic care.  When the spine is misaligned, the body is in a state of dysfunction.  The physical and psychological stress associated with subluxation of the spine results in interruptions of the body's ability to function freely and heal properly.  Chiropractic care looks to the structure of the body to explain the function or dysfunction of the body.   

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Rome, P. L. DC. (2018). Chiropractic Management of a Patient With Asthma: Case Report and Follow-Up of a 12-year-old Female. Chiropractic Journal of Australia, 46(1). 49-78.

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