Tuesday, April 17, 2018

SIDS and Chiropractic

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) involving unexpected death during infancy, is being somewhat better understood after many years of the unknown.  Awareness raised by campaigns such as Safe to Sleep or Back to Sleep have helped reduce SIDS rates by almost 50%!  In recent years, the decline in SIDS cases has leveled and this has caused researchers to dive deeper into the possibility of other factors that can cause such a horrendous tragedy.  Things such as sleeping on your back, no loose bedding or sheets, no exposure to second hand smoke, no blankets, and being breastfed all decrease your newborns risk factors for SIDS. However, researchers are looking more at studying the actual sleep cycle in newborns to help answer more of the unknown.
Sleep and arousing from that sleep are controlled by our nervous system.  During sleep, our nervous system allows for protective mechanisms that control functions such as heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing.  Meaning while we sleep, we are not in control of these measures, it is an automatic response.  Research is shedding light on impairments in these automatic controlled mechanisms that may lead to SIDS.
Unfortunately, the only way to diagnose SIDS is after all other possibilities have been ruled out such as suffocation, abuse, or trauma.  But one thing found in infants with SIDS are large deficits in brainstem function.  Our brainstem controls and regulates things like breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, and glucose.  It also controls our sleep and wake cycles.  What researchers are also seeing is that infants who developed in a restricted uterus also have huge deficits in their function of the brainstem and therefore have an increased risk for SIDS.
Where chiropractic can help is by correcting nervous system interference and impairments with adjustments.  Over 95% of babies have misalignments directly after birth!  With how rapidly a newborn changes and develops each day the longer you let the misalignment sit untreated so grows the infants spine and nervous system.  Affecting everything from sleep, feeding, pooping, eating, mood and motor control.  Babies under chiropractic care significantly decrease their risk for SIDS.  Moms can help too by seeking chiropractic care during pregnancy.  The biomechanical function increases of mom's lower back, pelvis, and ligaments attached to the uterus by removing interferences to the nervous system.  This allows for the fetus to grow and develop at an optimal level.
Although more research needs to be done on SIDS, we do know that certain measures can be taken to ensure your child is at the lowest risk possible.  Want more information on how chiropractic can help prevent SIDS?  Call our office at 704-394-8556

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