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Adding Chiropractic Care to Defeat Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable bowel syndrome or IBS, affects somewhere between 12% and 30% of the US population.  This disease alone is estimated to cost around $15 BILLION dollars annually!  Wow!  The high cost includes medication, supplementation, and dietary changes or restrictions.  IBS is characterized by periods of loose stools and bouts of constipation, often causing cramping and pain in the abdomen, back, and pelvis regions.  However, more patients with irritable bowel syndrome are being diagnosed with anxiety and depression, and new information is constantly being posted on the relationship with IBS and these.  Your nervous system plays a role in all of these symptoms, but especially with irritable bowel syndrome.  You've probably started to hear in the healthcare world of the "gut-brain barrier" or "gut-brain connection" or even the term "gut-brain health."  What this means is there is a connection with what we put into our bodies and the effect it has on the brain and spinal cord, which regulate ALL body functions.  Your nervous system often can hold the key to why certain systems in our bodies are malfunctioning.

A 2013 research article follows a young woman in her early 30's who had been suffering with irritable bowel syndrome.  For this patient, she also had anxiety, depression, and increased stressors in her life.  Daily, painful bowel movements had her seeking out chiropractic care.  Fortunately for this woman, after only one adjustment she had relief of her painful bowel movements that night! After only one adjustment!  How does an adjustment relief painful bowel movements?  By removing subluxation from the autonomic nervous system(ANS).  The ANS controls our blood vessels, organs, and glands among other body functions.  Once subluxation is removed, the ANS is allowed to function free from interference, and regulation of body functions returns to normal.  It was also noted in this study that the woman felt reduction in anxiety triggers and enhancement in her mood while under chiropractic care!

I also recommend to my patients the use of a good probiotic to help prevent attacks of IBS symptoms.  Certain strains of bacteria when introduced to our gut can promote an anti-inflammatory response, improve visceral hypersensitivity, intestinal permeability, and aid in motility.  "Good" bacteria found in probiotics help to strengthen your intestinal environment and leads to wellness of the gut-brain connection which I spoke about above.  Call the office for recommendations on probiotics!  We love to hear about our patients bowel movements!

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Nardi, J. Resolution of irritable bowel symptomatology in a patient undergoing upper cervical chiropractic care [case report]. J Upper Cervical Chiropractic Research. 2013 Spring;2013(2):Online access only p25-31. ICLID 22914

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