Monday, April 24, 2017

Stop the Spinning! Relief from dizziness and Meniere's Disease

Conditions such as Meniere's Disease effect the inner ear that can have patient's feeling dizzy, lightheaded, and even experience loss of hearing.  The cause is often misunderstood, but can include incidents such as falls, slips, and traumatic injuries to the head. 

Specific adjustments to the TMJ joint (the temporomadibular joint) have improved and/or relieved the symptoms associated with dizziness and Meniere's Disease.  In a chiropractic study involving over 300 patients experiencing these symptoms, they all had vertebral subluxations (or interferences. Over 97% of these patients showed dramatic improvement or complete resolution of their symptoms after chiropractic adjustments.

There is a common belief that abnormal cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) flow to the head and neck is also a contributing factor for Meniere's Disease.  This flow is interrupted by the subluxations and therefore the spinal motion and movement is distorted.  Because of this road block, the fluid flow becomes abnormal and fluid may build up in the inner ear as the inner ear and the perilymph systems are connected.  When the inner ear is imbalanced, this leads to the dizziness, lightheaded feeling, and hearing loss. A simple yet effective chiropractic adjustment restores the proper flow of CSF and relief of symptoms.

Burcon MT.  Health outcomes following cervical specific protocol in 300 patients with Meniere's followed over six years.  J Upper Cervical Chiropr Res.  2016. Spring;2016(2):Online access only p 13-23.

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